Seer3D 2 Release Notes

4/30/2015: Version 2.10

  • Fixed a bug when displaying isosurface with negative contour levels.
  • Added the ability to control the sphere size of data points associated with isosurfaces.

8/15/2013: Version 2.09

  • Fixed a bug when importing models with constant layer elevations.
  • Updated User Guide.

11/19/2012: Version 2.08

  • Added digital code signing signature to the Setup to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed and released.
  • Fixed a bug in the crop tool of Wells. The tool does not work correctly when the vertical exaggeration factor of the 3D scene does not equal to 1. 
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug in the Data Mapping dialog box where the "Database Name" label was incorrectly disabled when SQL Server is selected. 

1/31/2012: Version 2.07

  • Fixed crash bug when displaying head/concentraion contours on a layer with column count or row count less than 2.
  • Fixed crash bug when displaying head contours with the result of SEAWAT. 
  • Minor bug fixes.

8/15/2011: Version 2.06

  • Fixed a stability problem that was introduced in Version 2.05 due to a compilation error.
  • Added the Demo Mode that allows for loading a MODFLOW model with up to 5,000 cells and 3 stress periods.

7/28/2011: Version 2.05

  • Fixed a bug that caused crash when loading a MODFLOW model with the Reservoir package.

6/7/2011: Version 2.04

  • Fixed the corrupted file of the user's guide and reduced its file size.

5/9/2011: Version 2.03

  • Added functions allowing items on the table of contents to be moved to Top or Bottom of the list.
  • Fixed some minor customatic glitches. 

5/4/2011: Version 2.02

  • Fixed a bug in the flow path calculation for MODFLOW models. When a heterogenious porosity field is used, incorrect pore-velocity values are calculated on cell faces based on average porosity values of adjacent cells. This version has been corrected to use the porosity of current cell instead of average porosity between two cells.

4/6/2011: Version 2.01

  • Allow setting line width of shapefiles to zero so that outlines of polygons can be hidden.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of wells that may cause crash when well casing length = 0.
  • The new setup program allows standard account users to install Seer3D.

3/21/2011: Version 2.00

  • Initial Release


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